This work contains images of womans who lives in Anatolia and have a different cultural features and relations of woman and womanveling are scrutinized.
In the work, acts of “covered” and “wrapping” do not personalization. Cultural layers of the past do not rich as much as cultural diversity of Anatolia. Cover models in here only imply a gesture. However, different social roles are questioned to point of “feminine” in this work. The video art was made concept of Anatolia refers to consepts of “taboo” and “privacy” in additin to culturel diversity of Anatolia.
Feminine role which appeared in social perform overlaps cover models in the film. For instance, “employed woman” , “ woman in the home”, “the woman next to her husband” etc.
They show psychology of regional wrapping. The film emphasis that not only social strangulation but also cultural object has been converted into women. Especially, woman’s freedom…
In addition to being updated to Anatolia, it is a visual feast on on the diversity of traditions with pre/post arguments.



The artist is turning a basic action of cleaning his guitar into a heareble performance.
He is showing the invisible visions in an ironic way.



After The Sheep
It’s a performance about catching sheeps.
“Performance artist whose face is covered with a red neckerchief tries to catcth the sheeps but sheeps run. He/she can not reach them whatever he/she does. He/she gets undress but it doesn’t work. Artist becomes a sheep desperately.”
The person who catches is the one who gets caught.
The sheeps mean woman, booty, goods, or in a different way they mean community


The Tuz Lake
The video consist of images of the relationships established with salt and water coming people to Tuz Lake area of Central Anatolia in Turkey. Each shade of the human figure, in space or lake almost proves the occurrence of bidirectional reality. The people and their shadows determines a direction in fabulous venue of salt and water. They continues their adventures bacause of actions of walking and running in the Salt Lake. The result is harmony between the people and the nature as an aesthetic and the naive.



12th. Istanbul Biennial
This film is criticizing 12th. Istanbul Biennial. It has created to result of using the framework of a new sense of space to the empty areas outside the exhibition spaces where Istanbul Biennial which made architectural design by the architect Ryue Nishizawa.



My Lovely Hats
Simulation of hat.
The film is a bit deconstruction that known a figure of hat in a human mind.



This film is about children who play with water in the swimming pool in the city of Batum. When they play with water they are geatly pleased by it but after that this pleasure turns in to sexual drive. Actually this game is very natural but it becomes something extraordinary by water. The power of the water evokes the feelings. The rest is the screamings and the laughter…



The Monument Of Chapul
In this video consist of images of turning into a temporary monument or the victory monument a police car has made dysfunctional by activists, Gezi Park inwhere social movement against the existing power. Car is a representative of the venue where photographs were taken as well as it is a playground.



Istanbul LGBT Pride 2013
This video consists of scenes of beautiful and fun and also thought-provoking about their honor march. They are walking with discourse which their existence is a right to an honorable.



The Water War
The video consists of scenes of the water war which the group, water guns and plastic bottles of water in their hands, beating each other group with chanting slogans “Taksim everywhere resistance everywhere” that lasted about 15 minutes, because of the protests against using the police tear gas and water cannons and the closure of the park to the public.




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